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Full report in the May 11, 2011 in English.

Federal Police suggests bartender boyfriend

Researchers conclude that Camilla Peixoto Bandeira was strangled by the waiter Bruno Souza Bicalho aboard the MSC Musica.
By Lyne Santos.

After a year and four months, the Federal Police (PF) concluded that the bartender MSC MUSICA, Camilla Flag Peixoto, 28, was  murdered by her boyfriend Bruno Souza Bicalho waiter from the ship. The types of injuries identified in the neck of the young indicate that death was caused by strangulation with the hands. A former cruise ship crew member was found dead inside the cabin he shared with his companion, the day  January 10 last year. PF worked with two choices: suicide or homicide. The possibility of Camilla have taken his own life has been raised  Bruno after ensuring that the girl had hanged herself with a bedsheet tied into the tube of air conditioning. waiter kept the same speech on the five statements given to the PF, including during the second reconstruction of the crime, held on board, which was present. 

To delegate PF Santos charge, Sandro Pataro, statements Bruno ended up helping in the investigations, since only two possibilities have been investigated since the Federal Police was notified about the death: Bruno would have killed her or she had hanged herself with a bedsheet, as stated by her boyfriend, the first to find her dead. To discard, through trials and reports evidence that the bartender did not use a blanket to kill himself, the authorities of police was convinced that this was a homicide. 

"All technical advice and doctors conclude that the body has never been hung and the wounds on her neck were not made by a  sheet. So why would a Bruno story about a supposed just hanging a sheet to justify the death of mate, whether he not involved in the situation? 
"questioned the officer who, despite careful always been skeptical of the contradictions observed in the declarations of Camilla's boyfriend. 


Police recently became convinced that the girl was murdered even after receiving the technical-scientific  Legal Medical Institute (IML) of saints and a renowned medical examiner,  of Rio de Janeiro, lawyers hired by the family of Camilla. The materials were essential to complement the first reports  referred to the PF. 
"Both opinions were quite similar in their conclusions. 
What came from Rio de Janeiro is a little clearer in its statements, is more blunt in saying that there was no suicide. He said the injury to  Camilla's neck could not even be called grooves, which have a very different path than was detected in the neck of Camilla. 

Those injuries are more accurately classified as trails scarring, injuries typical of strangulation with the hands, "he said. Since the opinion of the IML, prepared by the same doctor responsible for the autopsy on the body of Camilla, was based on the delegate's questions related to the types concessions, coloring, and other information. The intention of the PF was making a differential diagnosis between homicide and suicide. In this case, some answers of IML were substantial for the delegate take away their doubts. 

"Bruno on a reconstruction of the crime, alleges that the knot was in front, so there would be injuries on the bottom of the chin of Camilla. We searched the literature, found that there really are very rare cases of hanging with knot in front. But if the knot was in front, the entire weight would go for the neck, then asked what could be said about this, since Camilla had no mark of the middle of the neck backward. " According Pataro, IML said that "it is possible to conclude that the injuries do not correspond to that commonly observed in cases of hanging (suicide). " 

Since when asked about the placement of the node of the sheet, the IML reiterated: "We hold our convictions, the lesions produced are atypical, do not appear  with hanging. Seems more a constriction injury of cervical posterior support of the head, which correspond to the images of the body. " 

One of the technical scientific advice received by the PF provides illustrations of several potential bottlenecks. One of them caught the attention of the delegate. In this figure, the attacker would take a position as if sitting  on the victim's belly, making it difficult to escape, with the possibility of the victim's arms are stuck to the knees of the aggressor. 

 "Any attempt to defend would be even more difficult. And, also, could be generated friction between the shoes of the perpetrator and the victim's hands, which would explain the injuries to the hands of the bartender. " On the force applied to the body of Camilla, the direction made by the IML also drew the attention of PF, since it tended to flattening, ie fo go backward. "If the body was hanging, the force would pull the neck up, but the expert opinions that say the force was 'tending to flattening'. This simple observation already dismantle most of the narratives of Bruno, that the body was hanging, strengthening allegations by other witnesses, who declare that they have actually seen one sheet hung from the ceiling, "said the delegate. 


Besides the application of new reports, the long process of investigation by the Federal Police had testimonials from friends and friends of Camilla, made  board of MSC MUSICA, where he was moored in the port of Santos. There was also review listings with a record of the couple's cabin access and  telephone calls made in the room and the bar where they worked, and various reports and surveys, both at the crime scene as the alleged lover of water mentioned by Young. "In short, Camilla died, according to the advice it received, due to a neck injury caused by action of others, we believe was Bruno, because of all the evidence contained in the records," he added. 

With the end of the investigation, the police chief Sandro Pataro sent a letter rogatory to the PF Divinópolis (MG) would live town where the boy was made to the formal indictment of the accused. While Bruno was not found at the address provided to the PF Santos, it was contacted by telephone and attend to the indictment. 

The last step of the PF will complete and submit the final report to federal prosecutors, who will review the material and will continue the process. 

Asked about the responsibility of MSC Cruises on crime Pataro said that "in the criminal sphere, the company has no direct relation to the incident. There is absolutely no charge to the company. " 

Since the MSC should be reiterated that rule only when it is officially notified of the outcome of investigations. 


Sandro Pataro, Federal Police 

"Body has never been hung" 

Convinced that Camilla Peixoto Bandeira was murdered, the Federal Police (PF) is responsible for investigating, Sandro Pataro, evidence and has reasonable grounds to believe that Young's boyfriend, Bruno Souza Bicalho, was responsible for the crime. In an exclusive interview to The A TRIBUNA, he sought to describe in the footsteps of fellow approached the victim on the day of the murder. The following are key excerpts from the conversation. 

The Federal Police did not investigate the possibility of a third person has committed the crime? 

Theorize this situation, but not during all investigations appeared to indicate that there could be anyone else. In this case, we make a description in a generic way, from back to front, in reaching its conclusion. 

1-Camilla was dead; 
2 - The body was inside the cabin 3171; 
3 - beside the motionless body of Camilla was Bruno; 
4-Bruno argues that found hanging from a bedsheet, a preposterous story. 

All technical advice come to the conclusion that the body has never been hung. Then you add that to the history of aggression Camilla neighbors heard fighting, hitting things, Camilla going to the medical department, the details of that Camilla went ashore that day, jealous because she was starting a relationship with another crew member and the fact that she could address the question of Bruno to be using drugs, hypothesized in some stages of the research. If it were a third person, because Bruno did not say  "I walked into the booth and she was dead lying on the ground"? 

Some point got the attention of PF was contemplated when a third person? 

Yes, the fact that Camilla was found dead with underwear, sleeping, and it was she who opened the cockpit door to enter the killer, since the card that Bruno would not open the cabin, just a duplicate reservation (the card) in the name of Camilla. In the interval between 9 and 9:20 a.m., when she must have died, not in the cab opening out. 

Even considering a possible access into the cabin through knock on the door, could not be anyone. One has to remember that she was in her underwear and there is no peephole in the door. Only someone with whom she had a lot of intimacy would be able to make it open the door even in those costumes. 

The Police are to narrate the steps which have been the boyfriend of the victim on the day of 

Narrating, exactly, would be quite difficult. We can, however, to assume with reasonable accuracy some chain of events. He leaves behind the cab in the morning, turn on his boss and he goes to work on the 13th deck, around seven hours. 
About 30 minutes later, Camilla league there and he gets five minutes with the phone.

No one knows the subject, but one wonders if it's something related 
specific to that Jan. 10, when Camilla would land. Bruno continues to work for another hour and a half after the phone call. Bruno leaves work at 9 o'clock in the morning no one knows where he went, and just back at 9:20. He left again at 9:40 to deliver a juice on the 4th floor, decided to smoke in the cabin and never returned. 

Because the PF believes that crime happens between 9 and 9:20 am and not the second time he goes to the cabin? 

It is less likely to have been struck mortal blows 9:40 a.m. to 9:42 a.m. momentode that, because the time was less. The distance from the workplace up to the front of Bruno was only two minutes. He called the emergency at 9:42 a.m. and 19 seconds. 

We consider most likely to have happened between 9 and 9:20 a.m., a range which would be more than enough time for him to reach the cabin, start taking satisfaction and feel some kind of elation in mood until a fight, culminating in the assault, and leaving the cabin soon after. 

Returning after 20 minutes, seeing what the body is the same way, simulates a scene and called the emergency.

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